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Previous Gigs

Canberra (ACT)
Metal for the Brain @ Canberra Uni
w/ 1-2-Seppaku + 4 Dead + Alarum + Alchemist + Anarazel + Antonamasia + Blood Duster + Captain Cleanoff + Choke + Clagg + Contrive + Darkest Dawn + Dreadnaught + Earth + Ebolie + Frankenbok + Fuck I'm Dead + Ghastly + Gospel Of The Horns + I Killed The Prom Queen + Inane Eminence + Infernal Method + Kill For Satan + Lord + M.S.I. + Minus Life + Pod People + Ruins + Sakkuth + Samsara + Schifosi + Shigella + Skinless + Switchblade + T.D.E.B.N + The Daylight Curse + The Furor + Truth Corroded + Vanishing Point + Whitehorse

Canberra (ACT)
Megafauna @ ANU
w/ Hell City Glamours

Canberra (ACT)
@ Sound Underground
w/ ...Dead + Inside The Exterior + Red Menace + Super Best Friends + Moments
5:30pm, $7

Canberra (ACT)
Belco Bowl Jam @ Lighthouse Bar
w/ Vee Bees

Canberra (ACT)
Sound Underground Christmas Party @ Sound Underground
w/ Alchemist, Pod People, Four Dead, Brisk, Mytile Vey Lorth, A Stab in the Dark, Jonno and the Trannies
$10, 5pm

Canberra (ACT)
Sound Underground Christmas Party @ ANU Bar
w/ Four Dead, Brisk, Shifossi, A Stab in the Dark, Vee Bees, Jonno and the Trannies, Moments, Lame Excuse
$10, 6pm

The Boat of Doom Sydney, (NSW)
w/ Electric Wizard (extended set!),Pod People, Peeping Tom

Sound Underground Canberra, ACT
All ages show at 6:30

Holy Grail Canberra, ACT
w/ Contrive, Switch Blade, System Addict.

Church Bar Canberra, ACT
w/ 4 Dead, A Stab In the Dark and Johnno & the Trannies.

ANU Bar Canberra, ACT
w/ Pod People, The Vee Bees, Jed Whitey, Mytile Vey Lorth, Demonikus, Darkim, Leicohtica and Dining At The White.
$15, Starts at 5pm, 2 stages.

ANU Bar Canberra, ACT
With Pod People, 4DEAD, Nunchukka Superfly, Shallow Grave, The Vee Bees, Bonehead, Uptown Killers, Mytile Vey Lorth, Johhno and the Trannies, and Andy Finelle.
$15, Starts at 5pm, 2 stages.