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10 Songs of Log - Beat Magazine

By Dieter Kraus

Another release from the quality stables of HighBeamMusic is Canberra`s Log with a full length ten tracker. Log recorded this release at Sound Level Studios in Sydney last year and are set to spread the word of the Log in 2002. They have a reputation for power packed live performances and have tours lined up for Oz this year. Album kicks off with heavy low-set juttered riff backed by an atmosphere that is part metalic and part groove. Sound, while being doom-laden, is sharp and crystal clear. “Motor Woman” sees the tempo pick up and the result is a fine bounce and head nod. Tracks at the outset are short, brutal, but delivered with enough groove to give them an edge over pure metal or doom. “Poppin` The Hood” has a fine break with harmonica in overdrive, something that is scattered throughout to good effect. Drive that`s it, driving riffs with a low, low down, tuned down riff. Vocals give the flavour of metal and it`s here that definition will be given to Log. There is enough diversity in parts to Log`s overall sound to keep them ahead of the pigeon hole but the vocals will no doubt keep them on the metal highway. “Test Subject” contains some fine time breaks. The pedal of tempo used with some caution gives an extra challenge to the listener. There is a frantic feeling to vibe in places and this is well translated in the guitar, bass and drum arrangements. By the later parts to this release, which seems to move very quickly, there is a familiarity to each track. Guitar fuzz seems to keep on a narrow path, but is delivered with enough intensity and conviction to override any sameness. “Switchin` My Mind right Off” is something we all need to do sometimes, and Log may provide the vehicle in which we can drive right off the cliff to. Over the top sentiment they can provide, crushing repeated riffing and heavy insanity fuel. “Heavy Air” contains a Fudge Tunnel vibe that varies between the subtle and the brutal. “Bananas” is a great title and there is enough energy peeled back here to go ape to. For ten tracks in twenty odd minutes, this is a fine demonstration of crushing power groove that will send fans of Sleep, Entombed and the like out for some local class product.