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10 Songs of Log - Hell Ride

By Kevin McHugh

Log is a side project featuring members of a couple of Australian bands; Pod People and Shifter. One look at the inside cover, showing the band members wearing clear robbery-type masks lets you know that these guys don't take themselves too seriously, although the concise songs (10 in 22 minutes!) stand quite well on their own.

The group features a variety of influences, from grind to doom to metal to blues. 'Turned to Salt' opens the album in doomy style, followed by 'Motor Woman,' which sounds like COC through a grind filter. 'Heavy Air' starts off laid-back and bluesy, while 'Switchin' my Mind Right Off' boasts a sludgey, grinding sound with babbling, shouted, distorted vocals. The album ends with 'Bananas,' their tribute to Sabbath's 'Rat Salad,' but far more toe-tappin' than the original. Throughout the album the guitars have a dense sludge-licious sound, interspersed with the occasional harmonica or concise guitar solo.

If you're into Eyehategod's more upbeat, melodic moments, the abrasive grind of Iron Monkey, or dense metal with a heavy groove, dig on Log. With 10 songs averaging just over 2 minutes apiece, there's not much fat on this sucka!