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Hey Patrick

How you going? I'm the second LOG mascot also known as 'Swanky McFadden' I was talking with Brad last night about doing up a column on the LOG website called "ASK SWANKY" About gig reviews, general questions about LOG & any other stuff I can add. I was going to do it on but Brad reckons I should do it on the proper LOG website instead.

I've noticed on your site you may be missing information on other band members (Bass Guitarist Jamie Cleaves) also from Wollongong.

I also want to start a "Get swanky a tambourine" fund on this column if its possible, as I'll be in need of one for my next performance with LOG!

I have a fair few pics to scan and send to you to add on the site as well, from the last LOG gig at the rockape.

Anyway I've ran this all past Brad and he is cool with it so if you could let me know I can send pics through and start writing!!!

I hope the rest of your day is smashing :)

Swanky J McFadden
Ph 0400 341 896

Get swanky a tambourine

Fund progress: $3.55

To pledge your contribution email swanky